Case reports on Glaucoma

Glaucoma  is a disease related to the eye. This disease can cause disorder to the eye which causes damage to the optic nerve that carries the particular information from eye to our brain. This disease have no symptoms in our early age ,if we find problems with our sight, then its clearly states the vison loss has already occurred and it is in high stage may be its difficult to stop until we undergo with the treatment.

This glaucoma is usually known as “THE SILENT THIEF OF SIGHT”, Because it doesn’t causes any pain and no symptom will be seen until we are at high risk regarding the loss of vison. Up to that this glaucoma stays undetected  till the optic nerve causes damage.

As per mostly seen cases this disease  is mostly associated with higher pressure than normal pressure inside our eye. The higher pressure is known as “OCULAR HYPERTENSION”, and the normal pressure is known as “INTRA OCULAR PRESSURE”. There is still chances to get them treated if symptoms has seen, otherwise it may lead to blindness  or visual field loss.

  1. Primary open angle glaucoma
  2. Acute angle closure glaucoma.
  3. Normal tension glaucoma
  4. pigmentary glaucoma
  5. Secondary glaucoma
  6. Congenital glaucoma