Case reports on Astigmatism

Astigmatism is called as refractive error which states that our eye will not focus light on the retina. This can be result to blurred vision at all distances. Astigmatism symptoms can include eye strain, headache and trouble in driving at night. If it occurs in early life  it can result to amblyopia, which is also known as LAZY EYE.

           The cause of this disease is unclear, related to genetic factors. The unseen mechanism involves an irregular curvature of the cornea in the lens of the eye. This can be diagnosed by the eye exam. The treatment for this amblyopia can be done in three ways “GLASSES,CONTACTLENS, SUGERY”. GLASSES are the simplest treatment for it. CONTACT LENSES can provide the wider space  for vison,  whereas refractive surgery will permanently changes the shape of the eye.